Meet Our Team

Yiqin Qian (Frank) image

Yiqin Qian (Frank)

Managing Director

Min Gong (Sophie) image

Min Gong (Sophie)

Operation Director

Lin Dai (Daniel) image

Lin Dai (Daniel)

Sales Director

John Nam image

John Nam

Acquisition Director

Jennifer Bhatt image

Jennifer Bhatt

Project Director

Sherina image


Senior Sales Manager

Ying Rong (Rowena) image

Ying Rong (Rowena)

Senior Sales Manager

Anna Byambajav image

Anna Byambajav

Sales Manager

Jiahui Wan (Jenny) image

Jiahui Wan (Jenny)

Sales Manager

Nan Wu image

Nan Wu

Sales Manager

Sunghoon Choi image

Sunghoon Choi

Property Consultant

Asher Malone image

Asher Malone

Property Consultant

Vivian image


Property Consultant

Masato Suzuki image

Masato Suzuki

Property Consultant

Kevin Nicolas Jung image

Kevin Nicolas Jung

Property Consultant

Yijun Chen (Vicky) image

Yijun Chen (Vicky)

Property Consultant

Shuying Dong (Eileen) image

Shuying Dong (Eileen)

Property Consultant

Clara Jun image

Clara Jun

Property Consultant

Lei Gao (Elena) image

Lei Gao (Elena)

Operation Manager

Luxi Zhang image

Luxi Zhang

HR Specialist

Fiona Leung image

Fiona Leung

Marketing Executive

Work with us image

Work with us

Just as we are committed to our clients, Forise Group is committed to building our team of professionals. Whether you are highly experienced or embarking on a career in real estate there are always opportunities to build a successful and rewarding career with us.